Think outside the fireworks box. Is there some way you can make it easier for someone else in the world to have independence. Give what you want to receive.

We set off our street fireworks a night early because, hey, its a free country!

Today is an odd day in North American history. The independence of the United States was won by negating the independence of the millions of people native to North America. The United States could only become a continent-wide country by reneging on treaties by independent indian nations.

Know this. The geography of the indian nations may have been disastrously rearranged, but the people, despite all efforts, were not descimated. Today the nations thrive and grow. History books only tell history from American perspective. Hiw did the indian nations perceive the negotiations with the Americans? What was the real story behind Sacajewia and her role as an international ambassador to her nation. Great Courses has a wonderful and concise U.S. history from the native perspective.  If this is your thing, I think it is the best primer I’ve read on that topic. A one stop shop. It doesn’t cover the Southwestern natives as much because their territory was partnof Mexico for most of United States history.

Anyway, enjoy your freedom today and take moment to thank an American Indian for being gracious, trusting, and hospitable of foreigners.

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