I’m Angeline Duran Piotrowski.  I’m happiest with my house strapped to my back in search of hidden history on the trail.  I’m a mom, writer, hiking guide, documentarian, and adventurer. I pack the kids off to school then head out to explore the world!


We live in a global community and groundbreaking science, such as ground penetrating radar and ocean archaeology, is proving that we’ve always lived in a global community. The history of the Americas includes advanced civilizations that reach into deep antiquity and share worldwide cultural influences. This is an exciting time to be learning about the ancient Americas because what’s being discovered is breaking apart everything we’ve been taught about the Americas and Native American culture. Join the discussion!

Ancient Southwest


Wild Women Hiking Adventure Club

Hidden Treasure Trex



Eye Of God Art


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  1. Thanks for the info. We used to ride our bikes to this area.Then climb up to the cave. Great memories as kids in the mid 1960’s. Bat’s Cave we called it.

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