At Little Harbor on Santa Catalina Island (California) I had a life-changing experience.  I climbed down the point that separates Shark Harbor from Little Harbor and meditated on the boulders in a tiny cove at the base a cliff.

Roiling meditation cove

I left my camera up top with Michael who wouldn’t come down with me because, according to him, he wasn’t wearing the right shoes.  I privately wondered if he thought the Tongva people needed to be wearing Merrills to walk down the rocks to the water, but I decided not to pick on him that day.  What I wish I could show you was the view from below.  The ocean swirled around me and at the base of the cliff was a rectangular trough-like basin about 10 ft by 4 ft wide.  It is possible it is natural.  I wasn’t able to go over to it because it was on the far side of the cove, but it looked like it had been carved from the rock. It had very distinct angles.  Knowing that Little Harbor was a village used for about 8,000 years, I wonder if the trough was a place to store live fish or shellfish after they were caught or gathered.  That was actually Michael’s idea after I explained to him what I saw, and I think it is a very good one.


Sitting amongst the rocks, the sprays of water, the crashing sound of the waves on a warm, humid summer day, it was a full sensory spiritual experience and I was very much enveloped within it.  I could feel a change in the ions in this place where all the elements crashed into one another.  Earth, air, fire (sun), and water all smashed and roiled together in this pocket at the base of the cliff.  The quality of the sound it made I
can only think to describe as a gentle cacophony.  The crashing roar of the waves was simultaneously softened by the sounds of spray and ebbing water.  It was marvelous.  IMG_7973It let me experience, first hand, a types of ancient healing I’ve read about and seen pictures of, but never had the opportunity to try.

See my post on these petroglyphs near Joshua Tree National Park that I believe have Magnetic Medicine Magic where water used to flow.

The air/sky holds the atmospheric fields and magnetic currents, the rocks/ground holds the telluric fields and magnetic currents.  So when you both expose your body to the air and plant your bare feet on the ground you are allowing atmospheric and telluric currents to flow freely through your body.  Crashing water increases the negative ions in the air by as much as 200 times, which in an of itself promotes vitality.  Adding the acoustics of water brings in the element of primordial sounds into the overall sensual experience.  Primordial sounds are waves of sound that are harmonic (as opposed to dissonant like the sound of an ambulance siren).  When you hear them, your brain switches from a beta state (logical, stress-oriented, verbal) to an alpha state (conceptual, creative, meditative).


Overall, the experience of sitting on this rocky cove of crashing crashing water made me feel gooooooooooooooood and peaceful, even kind of high.  I vowed to make it a point to seek out more experiences like this.  I recommend you do it too.

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