What could possibly be the meaning behind an image that snakes along the desert plain, stopping at a small cleared circle, then terminating at two larger concentric circles with a rock mound at their center? Yet an image like the Power Geoglyph on Yuha Mesa, which is the length of a football field, may have taken weeks to conceive of, plot, and then ceremonially carve.

Power Geoglyph

In fact, this particular line meander and concentric circle is a representation of part of the Yuman culture’s history. The concentric rings and cairn represent Avi Kwame Mountain (Spirit Mountain in southern Nevada) which is the capitol of all spirituality. And the trail is Xam Kwitcam, the sacred migration trail down which the son of the creator, Kumastamho, led the people down the mountain to their various places of settlement in the desert

Power Geoglyph
BLM map of Power Geoglyph

Read more about the Power Geoglyph and others in my previous post about them.  


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