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  1. I am interested in doing a column on the Serpent Effigy from Springerville for RockArtBlog. Do you have any other pictures or information you would care to share? Full citation of course.

  2. hear theres remains of a anicent city in the death valley near cali nevada borders… with melted rock of the building lowest portion remans and green glass …honestly sounds similar to what happened on mars just a different scenario… with u know the winds of death bomb weapons… im sure many who have used those have antimatter weapons …… definately dont suprise me been acient interstellar city there either…. and 1 the vistors helped build for the locals there’s remains of.. course there’s ancient ruins all throughout this universe not just here…. of countless societies and coultures pretty hailrious and concerning many still cling to there beliefs of no we have to be alone! or at least in our portion of the galaxy lmao….
    my instagram is hot

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