IMG_5330These are inspired by Huichol “nieri’ka” prayer bowls and prayer mats. They are representative of ceremonial objects used for thousands of years by the Huichol of Mexico to communicate with the gods. The center of the huichol nieri’ka is the God’s Eye (Eye of God), the portal through which humans touch the divine. This beautiful work of art not only brighten your space, but can be used for meditation. Beaded design is affixed to the ceramic bowl using the traditional method of pressing brightly colored beads into a medium of beeswax and pine pitch. These ceremonial objects were made with joyful intention and love. Every bead is a prayer.

  • Ojo_de_dios_anarozaglass seed beads on various media
  • beeswax and pine pitch adhesive
  • handmade
  • ships packaged in gift box with description of a traditional Huichol Nieri’ka

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