For me, hiking is all about fining hidden treasure.  Sometimes the treasure is  a natural wonder and sometimes the treasure is a human creation that has been lost to nature or was only meant to be found on foot.  Amir’s Garden is the latter.  It is a trail oasis in the hills of Griffith Park (Los Angeles).  It was created by one man who wanted to transform a fire scorched landscape into a lush verdant haven.  


Amir Dialameh was an immigrant who celebrated the ideal that in America people are free to build dreams.  His dream was a garden for all to enjoy. Over 30 years he planted and replanted, tended and landscaped this hilltop haven.  The garden is a five acre work of art built with time and resources provided only by Amir and other volunteers.

The trail to Amir’s garden is steep and hot, but wide and short.  Directions to the trailhead are at the Amir’s Garden website

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