This weekend I took a backpacking trip to the silver mining ghost town of Panamint City, Death Valley, CA. Mines operated in Panamint City in the 1870s when it was a rip roaring’ town of approx. 5,000 residents. A flash flood washed the town out of history until it was revived by miners in the mid-1900s. Again, a flash flood closed the valley until it was rediscovered again by hikers in the 1980s. Panamint City is 6.5 miles and approx. 3000 ft up Surprise Canyon outside of the ghost town of Ballarat.

This trip was made in memory of the young Kevin Coon who left us too soon. This time-lapse video of the sunset we enjoyed was created as a tribute to Kevin:

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  1. You might be interested in hiking to Barker Ranch in Death Valley. Go to Ballarat, take Wingate Rd south to Goler Canyon. Manson Family country. Some fool(s) torched the Barker cabin but still interesting.

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