I Am reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. Naturally, my head is now full of the idea that I, like the Tarahumara of Mexico, can sail across the mountainous landscape for great distances if only I were fueled by Iskiate. (And if I could shake this lingering virus that’s been plaguing my family all month.)

Iskiate is a drink made of water, honey, lime, and chia seeds. It is super easy to make (mix and go) and decent tasting to drink. My 7 yr old loves Iskiate and asks for it so it can’t be too awful, right? I usually carry some kind of liquid chia seed concoction in my daypack for refueling anyway. My fave has been instant coffee, a pack of instant cocoa, and chia seeds mixed with luke warm water. Iskiate is a far sight more nutritious than my version, but I’m going to have to think of how to make it more “instant”. Perhaps a squeeze bottle full of lime juice and honey straws are the answer. I don’t intend to give up coffee, however, so don’t even think it. Coffee will have to be a side dish.

I have no firsthand proof that Iskiate is natures Red Bull, like McDougall claims, because I just made and drank my first cup today. I then proceeded to take a nap on the couch before taking my 10 yr old to his basketball game, so we know it isn’t a stimulant, but that doesnt mean it isn’t a superfood. We’ll see how it shines after I walk a few miles straight uphill in the sun. I have a feeling that’s when it works its magic.

Iskiate recipe: 1 cup luke warm water, juice of one lime, 1-2 tsp. honey, 1Tbsp. chia seeds. Let chia seeds soften for 15 minutes then drink.

Will you please drink some and leave a comment telling me your experience?

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