This is the second episode in the Grandfather Fire series. In this adventure I go to a well-known petroglyph site in the Mojave desert to examine the images that appear on lava rocks in this volcanic landscape. While I’m there, I go on top of the butte to look for reasons why this place is so special that people covered it with petroglyphs. In doing so, I discovered that it is a winter solstice observatory!

One thought

  1. Hi Angeline! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to catch up on your videos (life gets in the way sometimes) and I was so happy to see your volcano series! I just returned from two days visiting two of my favorite petroglyph sites near Black Rock and Camp Rock to see if I could connect with Sam Hunter’s interpretation, and I am so impressed with your “solstice rock” discovery I’m ready to get out there again tomorrow for more interpretive excitement! Thanks again for reminding me what life is really about.
    Here’s to a more productive 2021!

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