Ancient Lake Lahontan was one of the biggest lakes in the world and home to some of the first inhabitants of the North American west. Waves of people spanning 14,000 years used the land and left symbols and artifacts that help explain a little bit about how they related to their environment.

Current archaeologists and anthropologists work in tandem with native informants to understand petroglyph sites and sacred caves better than ever before, and more is always being brought to light. At Grimes point there are a variety of informational kiosks that report the archarological perspectives of a variety of groups: BLM, earlier scientists, historians… Some of the information presented is helpful and some is very misleading and out of date. A reminder to take American information about Native culture with a grain of salt. Many myths have been misreported for so long that they have been accepted as dogma, even though “the people” and their customs survive and can be known by those who ask properly.

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