Hi friend. Again, I made time to FINALLY edit another December Solstice video. I’ve been a little incommunicado because I added to my busy schedule a part time job working for a theoretical physics think tank. No, I am not a physicist, I help out around the office, but I am so excited to be exposed to so many exciting, advanced and innovative ideas about creation and the way the universe works on the smallest scale.

For someone who studies the symbolism of shamanic cultures, I’m on cloud 9 to be at my new work because ancient spirituality is about all the things that science is now demonstrating mathematically. What we think of as “woo woo” is now becoming mainstream science. Quantum computing is about two atoms being able to think the same thing at the same time across great distances. In other words, “remote viewing”. Sonething ancient cultures (according to ancient writings and oral tradition) had no problem accepting.

Well, enough about that. I hope you enjoy this short video demonstrating one tool used by people to mark time. Just watching it is the “what”, but the philosophy behind the “why” of these particular images is still to be learned.

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