Archetypes are universal because they are part of human DNA. At every level creation has predictable stages. Whether you talk about the stages from conception to birth, from primate to human, from hunter gatherers to advanced civilizations that attain both material and spiritual enlightenment, the stages look the same. In this video I do a little thought experiment by using the ordered archetypes in the major arcana of the tarot to plot the cultural evolution of American Southwestern natives. Looking at history through the lens of archetypes we are able to understand the various phases more clearly and even predict the order of phases to come.

I hope you find this perspective interesting and would love to hear your comments and insights.

In this video I also touch on the Hindu Siddhis and the ways that these human “miracles” have been practiced amongst Native Americans. Southwestern natives don’t call them Siddhis, of course, but I don’t know if they are catalogued as such in the same way as Hindus do, but it is certain that they are/were practiced because they show up in the oral tradition and even amongst shamanic healers today. If you would like to learn a little more about the Siddhis so they make more sense I would refer you to this really good little primer.

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