HIEROPHANY (from Greek hiero-, “sacred,” and phainein, “to show”) is a term designating the manifestation of the sacred. The term involves no further specification. Herein lies its advantage: It refers to any manifestation of the sacred in whatever object throughout history. Whether the sacred appear in a stone, a tree, or an incarnate human being, a hierophany denotes the same act: A reality of an entirely different order than those of this world becomes manifest in an object that is part of the natural or profane sphere.

The sacred manifests itself as a power or force that is quite different from the forces of nature.


From a naturally occurring, perfectly aligned vein of quartz to a Summer Solstice ceremonial site, see how prehistoric temples take shape. So low tech, but more durable and enduring, and arguably more inspiring than some of history’s most elegant architecture.

This is a (re)discovery I made this year on the June Solstice. Obviously people created it at some point in time and possibly local natives still know of it and its function, but nobody told me about it. In this video I spend the whole day making observations, watching the sun, and testing different hypotheses that, amazingly deliver spectacular results!

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