(Part 1 “Snake Gulch Reactivated” is at this link Snake Gulch Reactivated : Part 1 )

Before the Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi/Histasinom) were even a glimmer in somebody’s great great great great great great great great… grandfather’s eye, their ancestors were living in Snake Gulch. Here they transitioned from nomadic hunting and gathering into horticulturists and then large scale agriculturalists. These were the seedlings of the Pueblo empire. Today, descendants of these people revisit the sacred images left by their ancestors to remember and tell the same stories that have been spoken in the canyon for at least 1500 years.

Snake Gulch is also part of a network of routes that connect people throughout the Southwest to their “place of emergence”, the Grand Canyon. Modern people who we call Hopi, Zuni, Paiute… all have footsteps that echo those of their forbears who traveled through, and even cultivated, Snake Gulch.

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