Agua Caliente Springs is a mineral hot spring in the Anza Borrego desert (California/Mexico border) that, during the summer, is very exclusive! Reserved exclusively for the use of the endangered mountain sheep. Being one of the only reliable water sources available during the dry summer months, Agua Caliente regional Park is closed to humans during the summer.

During the winter, however, it is a cheap and wonderful healing getaway. The accomodations are not fancy, but they are affordable, and the environment is epic. After staying in the middle pool for about a half hour I could feel the fibers in my body vibrating!

There are a lot of hot springs near the California/Mexico border as there are a lot of fissures in the earths crust right there that allows for this kind of geothermal activity. These Hot Springs have always been sacred healing places for the locals.

Here’s a little peek at Agua Caliente Springs as it is now.

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