Newspaper Rock in Utah

“Plants are thought to be alive, their juice is their blood, and they grow. The same is true of trees. All things die, therefore all things of life. Because all things have life, gifts have to be given to all things.” -William Ralganal Benson, Pomo

Look at Newspaper Rock in Utah. The uppermost image, except for the power being at the top center of the panel, is one of childbirth. Then below that all the profusion of things that live and sustain life: animals, migration, the four directions, interdependent planes of existence, spiritual leaders… This is life as we know it. People are people.

I do think it is notable, however, that individual rulers are not venerated in panels like these. It shows a world view of “all-ness”, rather than diefying people in general or a person in particular. “We”, “us”, “life” are ideas that seem to include everything in the percieved universe. That idea splashes across this monument, not the face of a divine ruler.

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