The Chumash Wishtoyo Chumash Village, the Channel Island people of Southern California, posted this video today about the importance of the tradition of sailing and remembering how to use our BODIES as the navigation instrument that reads the information nature gives. I like when these kinds of old ways are highlighted because it reminds us moderns about how to read the world in the old way. Finding water underground, using telluric energy (like the energy in mounds of quartz) for healing, hearing the plants communicate medicinal qualities are not mythological fairy tales about ancient “powers”. They are subtle abilities in all of us that we can practice and use. How did people in deep antiquity thrive without “high technology”? They didn’t need it. Our bodies ARE the high technology that we’ve invented clunky low technology to replace. To enter the mind of the ancients we must remember that this was their perspective on the world and we know this is true by what they achieved: open sea sailing, ley line monuments, eclipse prediction…

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