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  1. Hi again Angeline,
    I didn’t know about the eye of god site in Big Bear! I would have visited it when I visited Indian Rock metates in Lake Arrowhead a few weeks ago. Did you get a chance to visit there too? The story you told of the twins in the Serrano legend sounds vaguely similar to Polongahoya and Pokanghoya in the Hopi legends except the eyeball popping out (I’ve nearly finished “Fourth World…” since my last response to you). I see you have a video about the spoke wheel intaglio – I have not found that geoglyph yet so am looking forward to watching it next. We went to Barstow last Sunday for the meteor showers and found the tortoise intaglio just past the drive in and looked at the Petroglyphs on Buzzard Hill again. So easy to get to and surprising how few people know they’re right there in town!
    Thanks again!
    Bob Bingham

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