We went on an urban scavenger hunt in downtown Los Angeles. I got a Groupon from Urban Adventure Quest. What a great way to experience a city! The whole family took photos of what we saw and liked. Here is a slideshow of Downtown Los Angeles through the eyes of my family. The only thing missing are images of Chinatown and I have a very good excuse, I was busy stuffing my face. Read on.

I can never leave downtown without purchasing a delicious fresh sesame ball from Won Kok Restaurant at 210 Alpine Street in Chinatown. This one food item stands above all others for me. (Even above Fetuccine Alfredo, and that’s saying something.) A sesame ball has to be eaten fresh, so you can’t stock up on them for tomorrow. Also, they fill you up and stick with you all day, so you can’t eat more than one. Maybe you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This makes sesame balls an ephemeral delicacy. I eat mine with my eyes closed while sighing with pleasure. If I want to perfect the concept of mindful eating, I should start with Won Kok’s sesame balls. For a few short minutes the sesame ball and I are the universe.

Forget seeing eternity in a grain of sand. That’s for suckers. I like to taste my eternity in a sesame ball.

Did I mention that I LOVE sesame balls?

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