Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Did you know that the California poppy is one of the oldest North American remedies for stress-induced maladies including sensitivity to changes in the weather. Too bad its illegal to pick them or even to trample them.

California Poppy

Did you know that April 6th (today) is California Poppy Day? I didn’t! But me and the women are such natural “cool finders” we went to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve today and the poppies were spendiforous!!! (Is that a word? Must be, because spell check didn’t get mad at me.)

Did you know that the corn poppy (not California Poppy) is worn in remembrance of World War I?

Did you know that since reading “Who Discovered America?” by Gavin Menzies I think a lot of stuff was imported to the Americas from China by sea, including poppies, wayyyyyyyyyy before 1492?

BUT plants similar to the poppy were found fossilized in New Mexico 75,000,000 years ago.

I don’t know what this funny little guy is, but I like his hat.

Photo by Daria Lamborne

I went to the poppy reserve today with my friends Daria and Shirley. Daria took this beautiful picture of me and my friend deep in conversation. ❤

2 thoughts

  1. I love this place! It is so beautiful. I can’t believe how blossomed all the poppies were. Great photos!

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