I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to learn the meaning of numbers. Geometry is the first and most fundamental expression of numbers. Not only is it the language that builds all physical creation, but it was also used by people thousands and thousands of years ago to map the earth by studying the stars.

This is my first attempt to bring forth a human figure from a geometric shape, a square. It is the Tibetan Buddha. I wasn’t rigorously precise with my lines which made this work a little sloppy, but I think it is very exciting that I was able to construct a human body using no more than lines and proportions that I drew using a compass and a straight edge. I didn’t take any measurements. I only used proportional lines and shapes that could be constructed within the original square that I created from the intersection of two enormous circles that shared a radius.

I think it is fascinating to study the shapes that outline or fill various bidy parts. The one I find particularly energetic is the four pointed star thingy around the belly button. The shape really seems to represent what the belly area feels like. This is what is meant by the “energy” behind numbers and the forms sacred geometry makes.

Sacred Geometry

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