The day begins with a 6:30am application of Joker make-up ala Heath Ledger per a middle-schooler’s precise instructions.

Followed by helping the little guy paint his devil mask in school.  His little hands painting his evil little mask were so cute!

As of the end of the school day, the little guy still hadn’t decided what he wanted to dress up as for trick-or-treating.  His plan was to dig in our enormous box of costumes in the closet and come up with something evil looking.  We stopped by the grocery store on the way home from school and the had all the Halloween supplies on sale for 60% off.  I suggested that we buy a ton of glow sticks and put them all over black clothing and make him into a bright glowing thing for Halloween.  He liked that idea, but what was I thinking?

That meant that in the 1 1/2 hours I had between the time I got home and had to leave again to deliver the older kid to a Halloween Party I had to make a glowing Halloween costume, touch up the Joker makeup, feed the kids dinner, and somehow pull together a Halloween costume for myself.  On top of this the kids still wanted to carve pumpkins today because their original ones already rotted in the L.A. heat.  The fun of the idea of creating a glow costume and my desire to make him happy overrode my common sense, but it all worked out.

I even managed to yank a few bits and pieces out of my closet and rig up a kind of club kid rag doll costume for myself with blue and red hair that lit up in the dark.

And I got to use some awesome eyelashes with bows on them that I bought on the Halloween clearance rack.  Love these!

We were invited to go trick-or-treating in a neighborhood where people go gloriously over the top with decorations.

Whole homes are transformed into haunted houses,

My friend Robin photo bombing a gory scene.

dance music is playing in the street,golf carts decorated like traveling haunted mansions wheel through the neighborhood, open house parties with buffets and bars and plastic wine glasses to go… heaven.

I had the time of my life.

Best Halloween ever!


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