I’m concerned that my parenting skills may not be hitting the mark. I played the Life boardgame with my boys yesterday and the results were unexpected.

My 12-yr-old’s gamepiece wasnt lying flat on the board. I asked him why it was tippy. He showed me that he’d stuck a people peg under the car and said, “Its Jimmy (pronounced Jim-may) who I’m smuggling into the retirement home. All he has to do is ride through life with me.” 

My 10-yr-old said, “I’m going to secretly murder my wife.”  And throughout the game he refused to pay cash for anything. Everytime the board told him to pay out he said, “Just give me a loan.”  When it came time to upgrade his home we ran out of loan slips because he used credit to go ahead and purchase The Mansion. We had to start writing IOUs on paper. He found all of this hilarious.

The whole game devolved into a giggling wrestling match between the boys while I shook my head in consternation.  This is pretty much how Life goes I guess. We have to just relax in the chaos and try to enjoy it. At least there’s no crying in Life since we exhiled the Doctor card that had been marked by the little one for the purpose of cheating during the College Career selection phase.

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