On my favorite trek to the Hollywood sign I’d guided my hiking club to the spot.  Most were first-timers and among the group was my beloved hiking buddy The Cheerleader (trailname).  We were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing and admiring the view.  Most of us were taking photos and selfies, admiring the panorama and trying to identify landmarks.  The Cheerleader was enthusiastic but turning in circles and looking at the hillside behind her, confused.  She said, this is a great view, but where’s the Hollywood Sign?

We all laughed and said, “It’s right in front of you!”  Then she realized that she was standing behind the sign and that it was in front of her and slightly downhill.  She had expected to hike up to the sign and be standing at its base.  She wasn’t mentally prepared to be standing uphill and behind it.  She slapped herself on the head and felt like a right ninny, I’m sure, but I thought she was absolutely adorable.  As always, she was light and charming and as ready to laugh at herself as we all should be.  Aren’t hiking buddies the best people to know?

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