IMG_0888 IMG_0889This is how Wild Women Hiking club time travels, on foot. Yesterday we walked historic Los Angeles via the Secret Stairs of Silver Lake.  We followed some of the route of the Red Car electric trolley line from the early 1900s and stood on the footings of the wooden trolley tressle at Silver Lake Blvd. The very last challenge was walking up long steep staircase featured in the ice delivery scene of the Three Stooges movie “An Ache In Every Stake”.  It was about 85 degrees yesterday and I would have appreciated it if a huge block of ice had come sliding down the stairs.

In the end of May several of us Wild Women hikers will be hiking the Rim 2 Rim in the Grand Canyon.  This is a 22-ish mile day hike from one rim, down in to the canyon, then back out of the canyon to the other rim.  These days when I get winded on our day hikes it is my silly refrain to comment that “the Grand Canyon will certainly be easier than this”. Everyone just looks at me like, “you poor deluded thing.”  Some of the Wild Women I hike with have extremely strong cardiovascular systems and work at it.  I need to get serious about my high intensity interval training over the next few weeks, because all I have at this point is a severe case of denial that I will not die trying to hike out of the Grand Canyon in the heat of the day.  Ever the optimist though (as most hikers seem to be), I’m going for it anyway even if these wonderful ladies have to watch me haul my sweaty carcass out of the canyon hours after they finish their first margarita.

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