janathon  I’ve opted to participate in a challenge called Janathon.  The premise is simple: exercise every day in January and blog about it.  The Christmas fudge on my thighs thinks this is a great idea, plus it won’t hurt to exercise my writing chops while I’m at it.  Do you feel the same?  Join me.  Go to Janathon.com  Also, there are prizes!  (I don’t know what they are, but I like being eligible for them.)

Want to join in but don’t want to blog? No worries, just tweet using #Janathon tag or post to the Janathon Facebook page.

As for today’s workout, first the excuses.  After we returned from a New Years Day party and I did a little bit of work I’d lost most of my hiking light.  Since I’m also fighting a cold I thought a little indoor yoga was just the ticket for today.  I ran through my usual yoga routine and tacked on a few stretches from YouTube, “Injury Prevention For Hikers”.

 The people on YouTube know everything.  I learned how to knit by watching YouTube.

Why I didn’t start the day with yoga I will never know.  I always feel a million times more clearheaded and happy after some spine-limbering yoga stretches.  In any case I’m clearheaded and happy now.  I’m ready to make some dinner for the family and then tuck into knitting a hat.  Cheers to you other Janathoners!  Happy New Year!

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