babyonbackMotherhood is perfect training for backpacking.


  • You have to go until the end of the trail: there’s no shortcut out.
  • You sometimes have to keep going even when you’re too tired.
  • You have to reach behind you and feel around for things you need or to put something away while your traveling down the road, just like in he car, its just too much hassle to stop and start for every little hand-off.
  • You make easy-to-prepare, quick meals.
  • You’ll ask yourself “Why the hell am I doing this?! Then you’ll happen into a landmark that is so beautiful and inspiring that the struggle seems worth the momentary payoff.
  • The desire to get a little solo vacation motivates you to overcome all fears of and objections to braving the wilderness.
  • You have something to look forward to at the end, a loving family who is proud of you.

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