Picture 3The kids have day camp this week, which means I get to have my own self-made day camp time too.  Anyone with kids who are home in the summer will understand how challenging it can be to find time to yourself.  The little one is only in camp from 9am-12pm, which is barely any time at all, but I manage to squeeze in a little adult outdoor recreation.  Today I parked on Mulholland Hwy and hiked down into Malibu Creek canyon.


Unfortunately my hike was ruined a little bit by locking eyes with an extremely handsome celebrity coming off the trail as I was walking in.  It scrambled my brains and I had to interrupt my walking meditation with a barrage of texts back and forth with my friends so we could collectively salivate.  In truth, this is why I like to hike alone, so my experience isn’t frizzed out with someone else’s energy.  But, you know, “the spice of life” and all that.

The other bummer was that I didn’t secure the bite valve all the way onto my Camelbak tube.  Just as I was leaning down to take this pictureB50a53lYqyKsmUZejokT7M44aERCuI4FpVl6_1VUpns

the bite valve popped off the end of my tube and tumbled into Century Lake.  Drinking water soaked my leggings and I had to dip my foot far out into the lake to retrieve the bite valve.  My worry was that the valve would fill with water and sink and then I’d have to hike back uphill with a free-flowing Camelbak tube.  Alas, I got the blasted thing back, cleaned it up, and popped it back on.  I hope I don’t die of giardia.

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