This is not an artifact from the ancient southwest, but I invite you to notice some interesting similarities between it and some things we are familiar with. The feathered serpent meeting an actual serpent. The transcendental experience of the wearer. The totemic identification with “gods” in the iconography and how that lends its likeness to the wearer in ceremony. (Katchina dancers.) The dancing “twins” in the iconography and how that is represented in southwestern/mesoamerican iconography. Something interesting was happening globally in ancient times. Either these ideas are universal to the human psychological experience, or there was more global travel and exchange of ideas than we have officially mapped.

This post was inspired by the movie The Dig that has just become available on Netflix in the U.S. Great movie about the real excavation of this helmet. Check it out.

You can also watch my video about the feathered serpent here:

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