The oldest drawing in the world is a 73,000 year old red grid pattern on a broken piece of bowl. Grid patterns show up everywhere in Native American rock art. Often you can find red grids inside bowl shaped spaces. Sometimes grids are incised in prominent rocks near stone Solstice Observatories. They show up in many incarnations.

Some argue that they were depicted by prehistoric people because they are images people naturally see when in a psychedelic state, and this may be true, but is that all to the story? Don’t they have any meaning or context?

My personal opinion, given the multitude of similar places I have seen grid patterns associated with bowl shaped spaces and sun observatories is that they have some reference to a sort of “sexual” union between sun and earth and sometimes between sun and water/earth. By “sexual”, I mean fertility, abundance, an elemental interaction that enables every kind of life on earth.

The site I visit today features a lot of hectic grid images on a unique rock that seems to mirror the sun, as well as other nearby image panels. It is interesting to look at so many extensive panels so near to one another in the context of their environment.

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