Anyone who has ever Googled “ancient civilizations in the Southwest” has come upon a story about the Hopi and The Ant People.

As the story goes, The Ant People saved the ancestral Hopis from death by earth cataclysm TWICE. One of those times, civilization had been destroyed by a great flood. Earth has experienced many floods at many times in many places and there have doubtless been many cataclysmic regional floods in North America over its long and peopled history. In fact it is starting to look like there is even a viable theory that the Grand Canyon was mostly carved by floodwaters. Around 12,000 BCE the 300 ft tall Channeled Scablands in Washington State were carved by floodwaters in two weeks. In 2002 a 7-meter deep canyon in Texas was carved by floodwaters in three days. These things happen. In this video I vaguely refer to the Pleistocene era flood concurrent with the Channeled Scablands, but that’s just for an appropriately timed North American point of reference, but it doesn’t mean that particular flood is the actual one that made the Ant People shine.

These Ant People must have been truly badass. The Ant People not only survived the cataclysms, but had safe harbor in prepared caves and great stores of food. As the ancestral Hopi ate and thrived during lean times, the generous Ant People refrained from eating too much and grew very thin in the waist so that their beloved brethren may have plenty.

Who were these organized, stable and benevolent Ant People?

A favorite hypothesis amongst ancient civilization enthusiasts is based on a wild linguistic jump from Arizona to Egypt where there is a similarity in pronunciation of the word “Ant”. This loose thread is used to propose that the Anunnaki of the African continent were the Ant People who magically showed up in the American Southwest twice during earth cataclysms to save North American hunter-gatherers from demise. This argument is strengthened by the fact that Akhenaten had an elongated skull — like an ant?

Another sexy suggestion that has made millions of dollars in TV shows and books circulating through the American economy is the that extraterrestrials where the hyper-intelligent Ant People who deigned to time-travel to the North American deserts in order to restore order to a gentle few humans who were wandering lost in their postage stamp of earthly wilderness.

All of this makes for entertaining television and fires the imagination to no end. But the reality is one of those examples that proves the principle of Occam’s Razor — the simplest explanation is probably the right one. It is a story based on love and ancient lineage. It is a story of a people who know where they come from, who their brothers are, and how to graciously hold close those beloved brothers who traveled far. There is no need to call on distant strangers for help when your brother is next door holding his arms open for you.

Watch this video…

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