I think that understanding the the symbolism behind “the feathered serpent” unlocks the front door to the psychological paradigm of prehistoric Native Americans.

Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Viracocha were “mythical?” men who arrived by sea and were “the great civilizers” of the ancient Americas. They taught agriculture and social development to hunter-gatherers. They are referred to as “The Feathered Serpent”. But the feathered serpent doesn’t only apply to these great men, it is a concept that informs how people viewed the nature of this earthly life and its purpose.

Because humans are earthbound animals that are able to conceive of their own consciousness, symbolism has evolved that acknowledges the blending of the earthy and spiritual nature of our species. Symbolism along these lines is ubiquitous the world over since ancient times. The feathered serpent is one of these images, and it has evolved into various forms that show up in the imagery created by ancient natives of the American Southwest.

I prepared this documentary to go deep and explain:

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