The first three paragraphs of the Hopi creation story as told in the “Book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters describes the creation of the flower of life which births the geometry that everything in our multi-verse is made of.

Flower of Life

First there was “endless space” and the creator occupied it, therefore the creator, by itself, was nothing but endless space and infinite possibility. Without a point of reference or some form of duality, the creator could take not take any kind of form. Without a point of reference outside of itself it was simultaneously infinitely big and infinitely small, although neither the term big or small could apply to “endless space” because comparisons like “big” and “small” require some relativity. In endless space there is none.

Endless Space

The creator created a helper creator (a “nephew”) and instructed him to create of “9 universal kingdoms” and lay them out in perfect relationship to one another so that all creation can be made. Notice that the creator did not instruct that the 9 universes were to BE creation, but they were to be put in proper order so that creation can be made. That distinction is our first clue that sacred geometry is what is being described. It goes on…

The 9 universes were to be as follows: one for the creator, one for the helper creator, and seven, again to be placed in proper relationship to make creation. This is what that would look like geometrically. The first two universes:

The first two universes

The remaining 7 universes are the result of a geometrically perfect construct called “The Flower Of Life” that enables the drawing of all geometric forms (“the Platonic Solids”) that are found in the molecular architecture of all matter as we know it. See below how  the 7 universes lie within the Flower of Life.

Below are the 9 Universes: the first teo original creator universes plus the 7 for the rest of creation. The 7 fit within the original two.

Below is a demonstration of how all the geometric forms of creation can be drawn feom the intersecting points of the 9 universes. To put an even finer point on it, some people think that you need to draw a couple more rounds of circles in order make “Metatron’s Cube”, which is the configuration necessary to draw the Platonic Solids. BUT, I argue with the school of thought that you only need the Flower Of Life to get to Metatron’s Cube because the geometric lines naturally extend to their proper meeting points from the Flower Of Life without the extra rounds of circles. To draw the extra rounds of circles to create The Fruit Of Life is redundant in this case and nature does abhors excess, it always creates just enough and in fact tried to minimize the space it takes up by pulling toward its own center through gravity-creating spin.


What’s exciting is that this particular explanation of creation by the Hopi is a globally familiar explanation of creation that is described exactly the same by quantum physics today. This Hopi creation story is a smoking gun for the diffusion of high culture since deep antiquity. Ancient people of the world collectively observed and understood philosophical concepts that are based in actual physics, and that understanding of the nature of our universe was so solid that it has survived migrations of people around the globe for thousands of years. In the case of the beginning of the Hopi creation story, we know it relates to thinking of other ancient cultures around the world because ancient writings from the seat of civilization still exist. The Americas had such esoteric writings, but they were systematically destroyed by Spanish conquerors.

Thanks to oral tradition and its allegorical language, Native Americans as relatively modern as the Hopi are able to tell, not only the histories of their peoples, but a coherent and universally shared explanation of how time, space, and matter came into existence through geometry, specifically, The Flower Of Life.

Below is a video of me doing my best to explain this topic and why it is so exciting. I included a lot of graphics and animations to help illustrate the ideas. This is a really deep and complicated concept that the Book of the Hopi glossed over in three paragraphs like it was merely clearing its throat. This post and this video are my attempts to demystify a part of the Hopi creation story that is so esoteric it seems to be mostly overlooked by most and taken too literally by many. I am confident that it describes the creation of creation in exactly the same way it is described by ancient people of Indus Valley cultures across the Pacific Ocean, thus connecting the ancient Southwest to the global community it has always been part of.

As promised in the video above, here is a link to one of many wonderful videos that describes the intricacies of the Flower Of Life. I chose this video because it is easy to follow, full of graphicss, and covers the most possible relevant information in the shortest possible way. Plus it is just fun. Philosophy and science (yes, there is almost no difference since the advent of quantum physics) should be fun to talk about. They are fun to talk about. Plus, they’re actually pretty easy to understand, which is why people, since the beginning of time have been talking about them as they relate to the creation of our multiverse.


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