I was hiking around Sage Ranch in Simi Hills (Los Angeles) examining the peaks for prominent features. Something caught my eye right away. It was a peak shaped like one of the enormous vagina petroglyphs out in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. I thought, Hmm. Then noticed what was next to it. It looked like an otter floating on its back.

Suddenly, instead of Hmm, I thought, OMG! That vulva thingy doesn’t look like lady parts, it looks like one of the prehistoric coastal Chumash’s staple foods, a dried abalone! And how perfect that a dried abalone should be floating at the feet of one of our coastal animals, the sea otter.

I don’t mean to suggest that I think this is a human made mountain sculpture, but it is certainly remarkable given that this is Chumash territory on a high peak with a view toward the sea. Remarkable indeed. It isn’t impossible that these peaks were enhanced by carving, but again, I’m not suggesting that.

I’ve seen even more miraculous ridgeline sculptures, like the profile of a native American wearing a headdress with the Milky Way flowing out of his mouth like smoke. That was at the confluence of Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch in Utah. We didn’t notice it until dark, after a day admiring the MANY petroglyphs carved on the base of that same cliff. So, others had noticed it as well and recognized that place as a spiritually significant landmark.

If you could have seen this in silhouette with the Milky Way coming out of its mouth you would never be the same. That’s the effect it had on me for sure.

The land speaks. Imagine you live in harmony with the land and the mountains speak to you in this way. I won’t tell you how to imagine that, but just imagine it. How powerful the natural world would feel.

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  1. Great observations! Thanks for sharing. You can find similar, and a multitude of shapes in Malibu, up Corral Canyon. Theres a semi-secret (but not really) spot up there that are mind blowing, for sure. Though, you probably already know this.

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