I’ve visited the spectacular shaman Munits’ cave near Los Angeles many times, but I’ve never had a bright enough light with me to fully appreciate its darkest recess. I was curious to see if the cave had, like its many portals to the sky, a portal to the underworld or conversely a “sipapu”, a place of emergence.

From within the inner sanctum.

I visited today with my powerful cave exploring light and was pleased to see that this shaman’s cave really does have that natural feature so intrinsic to a ceremonial cave space.  Straight back, in the darkest den is a small natural vulva shaped tunnel – a natural “sipapu” (place of emergence).

A place of emergence is an apt place for a pigeon to nest!

Even more interesting is, when standing to look at the sipapu, straight up above is another narrow dark tunnel that pushes toward the sky into blackness.

There were some dudes in there shooting a music video. I chatted with them. They seemed too nice to let die of a horrible bird poop disease so I left them with a pack of antibacterial wipes. Good deed for the day — Check!

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