I’ve always loved creating video content and these days the technology makes even more possible for a one-woman crew. I now carry a mini AV studio in my fanny pack and can edit on my laptop. Quite a difference from when I was young and had to edit on two VHS machines. 

These days I’m working on stepping up the quality of content and presenting more remote locations. My partner Death Valley Jim (wwe.deathvalleyjim.com) is making this both possible and fun! Our joint project is Scorched Secrets of the American Desert (facebook.com/scorchedsecrets & www.scorchedsecrets.com) and I wish I could edit faster to show you all the fun things we have in store. I do have to raise a family, so I must go slow and steady, but if you love the desert please follow our Facebook page so you will be the first to see it all. 



4 thoughts

  1. I don’t subscribe to many blog feeds, but yours I do! I really enjoy following along on your adventures. Motivates me to do more explorations myself.

    Your post about documenting Scorched Secrets made me want to share something that might be of interest to you: A good filmmaker friend of mine recently did a 20 day, 240 mile solo hike thru the John Muir Trail, and documented the entire adventure. He uploaded the documentary to his YouTube channel. Give it a look. It may just serve as inspiration for your own documentary endeavors!

    Hiking the John Muir Trail

    1. Yes, the pack is an Osprey and I absolutely love it. The pad reflects a lot of heat, especially if you put it INSIDE your bag or bivvy (a little trick I learned). I’m always cold so I’m forever looking for ways to prevent shivery misery. I hope you have a wonderful adventure! -Dusty

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