thousandislandlakeThousand Island Lake in Inyo National Forest is only accessible to Backpackers like you.

Can you hike to the most remote and beautiful places in the world?
Yes you can!

Can you live for several days in the wilderness carrying your household necessities on your back?
Of course! 

You are now entering the Shameless Commerce Division of this blog, but fear not.  It is only because I worship at the temple of wilderness exploration that I want to bring that joy to others by teaching them how to go far and stay long outside wearing a backpack.  Please read on…

My wish for you is to have access to historic places most people only see in photographs: The John Muir Trail photographed by Ansel Adams, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and even the Native American trade routes through our own local mountains. Did you know that if you live near Los Angeles that the Pacific Crest Trail, an uninterrupted trail that extends from the Mexican Border to the Canadian border, passes within few dozen miles of your house? You could be on it. You could hike from Mexico to Canada in one summer! When you become confident backpacking, all adventure seems possible. I want to help you learn.

If you live in northern/western Los Angeles please sign up for the new Backpacker Train Track two-month coaching experience that includes:

  • a series of weekly hikes with the Wild Women Hiking Adventure Guide designed to help you learn to carry more and more pack weight over greater distances
  • referrals to resources to learn backcountry skills
  • sample backpacking gear list
  • sample backpacking food list
  • ongoing mentoring throughout the two-month track
  • an overnight backpacking trip with the Wild Women Hiking Adventure Guide where you can practice using your backcountry skills and gear. Believe it or not, you will be ready!

Sign up for the Backpacker Train Track:

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